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Current Donations: $22,700

a 501(c)3 non-profit

a place to produce, learn, grow, and share 


Strengthening the bond between local farmers, local food producers, and the local food market creating a deeper awareness of the need for land stewardship. 


Fostering small scale food production that is closely linked to island farmers while paying tribute to island agricultural traditions.


Creating opportunities for local economic development and supporting island farmers and food producers.

In Kind Donations: $20,000


A place to gather, store, and share information related to food production, food safety, and food distribution.

supporting local food  producers

The purpose of Taproot is to operate a shared-use certified commercial kitchen and food processing facility on Lopez Island, Washington. As a cooperative we want to provide local food processors access to a certified commercial kitchen on a nonprofit-basis. Our goal is to promote and support local entrepreneurship while fostering connections between food, land stewardship, and the health and economic wellbeing of our community. This kitchen is another step in our community’s journey towards a greater food independence.

It is vitally important that local producers have a place to make their products, and it is fitting that the cost of that facility be shared by many hands. This kitchen will benefit all of us, by enabling small businesses to expand, innovate, and flourish. We hope to help people create healthy, locally made products that will eventually become an integral part of the food-web of the San Juan Islands. 

The Taproot Barnraiser crowd funding campaign has begun!

Please visit http://www.barnraiser.us/projects/taproot-a-lopez-community-kitchen 

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Here is shortened Barnraiser address for your convenience: http://bit.ly/2acl7u9 

Taproot A Lopez Kitchen is a 501c(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible.

Our long-term business plan calls for user fees to fund day-to-day operations but we need help setting up and equipping the kitchen. 
Please help by donating and sharing our Barnraiser project on your social networks.

We are excited to open the channel between food producers and consumers while creating long term sustainable livelihoods for local families. Thanks you!

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