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Taproot, A Lopez Kitchen
PO Box 551
Lopez Island, WA 98261

For more info: 360.468.4740. We are using Vortex Cafe's phone for now.

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Current Donations: $42,000

a 501(c)3 non-profit

a place to produce, learn, grow, and share 


Strengthening the bond between local farmers, local food producers, and the local food market creating a deeper awareness of the need for land stewardship. 


Fostering small scale food production that is closely linked to island farmers while paying tribute to island agricultural traditions.


Creating opportunities for local economic development and supporting island farmers and food producers.

Additional In-Kind Donations: $20,000


A place to gather, store, and share information related to food production, food safety, and food distribution.

Taproot's Mission:

Taproot is a nonprofit shared-use certified commercial food processing facility on Lopez Island, Washington. 


  1. Create jobs directly by providing facilities for adding value to agricultural products, particularly those grown locally. Shared infrastructure permits smaller entrepreneurs to develop their ideas/potentials without debilitating start-up costs
  2. Provide commercial grade equipment to help families to safely and efficiently process food for their own consumption and to share with their loved ones.
  3. Teach safe food handling and processing practices, facilitate small food business startups and general help to provide nourishment and livelihoods to the Lopez Island Community.

Our goals are to promote and support local entrepreneurship to foster strong connections between food and land stewardship while sustaining the physical health and economic wellbeing of our community.

It is vitally important that local producers have a place to make their products, and it is fitting that the cost of that facility be shared by many hands. This kitchen will benefit all of us, by enabling small businesses to expand, innovate, and flourish. We hope to help people create healthy, locally made products that will eventually become an integral part of the food-web of the San Juan Islands.  ​

​​​Our current status:

Taproot is now located at Lopez Storage on Dill Road 

Taproot is available open for home processing and shelf ready products through the WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture). However, we are not yet ready for food prep for food trucks, caterers and Farmers Market vendors.

We submitted plans to San Juan County government to make a few minor changes that are required for the food prep folks and are waiting with great patience and joy for the signer of things that needs to be signed signs the things needing signing. (The forgoing translated from the Bureaucratese into easily comprehensible Englishy)

​Here are a couple of photos of the outside of the Taproot building. Note the cool loading dock on the West side to be used for loading and unloading pallets piled with local food.

You can use Taproot Kitchen to process your own food for personal consumption immediately. The commercial dehydrator is up and running. We dried several hundred pounds of peaches, nectarines, apples, pears and asian pears in the commercial food dehydrator in 2016 and are getting ready for the 2017 crop to start rolling in.

Any food processing will be temporarily disrupted during the short upgrade process.

Vendors who want to use Taproot at Dill Road for retail or wholesale products must apply for their own licenses with the WSDA. Ask us for more information.

The facility is already approved for one local product: Chicaoji!!

We need your help!

Help us with:

  • Construction

  • Website

  • Social media

  • Work on bylaws and operational policies.

  • Slice fruit for the dehydrator to feed locals at the Lopez Fresh Food Bank. 

  • Your energy and ideas

Email us or stop by the Vortex Cafe on Lopez Island to learn more about using the kitchen, helping and donating.


We are excited to open the channel between food producers and consumers while supporting the creation of long-term sustainable livelihoods for local families.
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Thank you!


Taproot A Lopez Kitchen is a 501c(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization (EIN# 81-1346888).
​Your contributions to Taproot are tax deductible.
Donate on this page through Paypal or...better yet, send a check to PO BOX 551, Lopez Island, WA,98261.